CONDUIT Sports are the first headphones in the world to seamlessly combine In-Ear and Off-Ear™ technologies, allowing users to either block out the world and hear only the music, or to hear everything around them and the music at the same time. Now you can experience stellar sound wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing.



  • Soft overmoulded earlock frame, engineered for maximum comfort.
  • Soft-touch injection moulded components.
  • Tough wear-resistant Titanium centered headband, moulded in soft Elastomer for flexibility and comfort.
  • Durable speaker cables tucked neatly into frame.
  • Easy to reach volume and multi-function buttons.
  • In-mould product graphics and CONDUIT logo.
  • Easy to access On/Off button.
  • Internal rechargeable battery, charged via Micro USB port.
  • Miniaturized earphones press-fitted into the rear of the headset.
  • Built in noise cancelling microphones.


Utilizing Off-Ear listening, In-Ear listening and Multi-Functioning technologies CONDUIT Sports are the world’s most versatile headphones. This product is not yet available to purchase. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll notify you as soon you can get your hands on it.


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